INIUS AO was established in January 1998. Nowadays our company is one of the largest industrial automation companies in Saratov, employing over 90 highly qualified specialists in electronics, software and computer engineering, simulation, mechanics, physics, mathematics, chemical and oil-refining technologies, design and installation.

All work is performed in accordance with the existing SRO permissions (for the whole range of activities) and complies with ISO 9001:2015.

INIUS has decades of experience in developing railway simulators, automated control systems (ACS) and training complexes for chemical, petrochemical and petroleum refining industries. All our projects have been successfully implemented at large industrial enterprises of the Saratov oblast and in other regions of Russia, the Russian Railways among them. INIUS has a long-standing partnership with large software development and industrial automation companies such as Microsoft, Siemens, Honeywell and Yokogawa.


INIUS has a lot of expertise in developing safety control stations and industrial control systems as well as training and simulation complexes for APCS personnel. We create software development tools and design products using our own inventions as well as those by world-acclaimed industrial automation companies.

Simulator for hazardous
production facilities:

We place special focus on training and simulation complexes for production engineers at chemical and petrochemical plants, oil refining facilities, etc.
The training complexes are created on the basis of UTC (universal training complex), a software developed by INIUS. UTC is a set of training programs modeling real production systems and incorporating various scenarios that enable personnel to practice adequate actions in the face of contingency and emergency situations, as well as master start-up, normal operations, planned and emergency stops. The software is based on dynamic mathematical models of technological processes.

Railway simulation complexes:

INIUS designs and produces railway simulators for basic and advanced training of locomotive crews, level crossings attendants and other railway transport specialists.
Simulator complexes are produced with a cab (an exact copy of a locomotive driver’s cabin or a working station of level crossing attendants), as an operator’s panel with authentic controls and switches (without a cab) or as a compact simulator based on a PC.
The simulators assessment of trainees’ and instructor’ actions is based on dynamic mathematical computer-based models of a real-time performance of a locomotive and train. Simulators utilize 3D models of railway routes and the surrounding environment, locomotives, wagons and other railway facilities.