INIUS has a lot of experience in developing and implementing ACS (automated control systems) projects for various facilities, hazardous production units among them. All our projects have been successfully implemented at large industrial enterprises of the Saratov oblast and in other regions of Russia. All work is performed in accordance with the existing SRO permissions. INIUS is Siemens’ certified partner for industrial automation.

Focus areas in industrial automation:

  • safety instrumented systems (SIS) and production control systems;;
  • process control and management systems (APCS);
  • advanced metering infrastructures (AMI).

We specialize in:

  • software development tools;
  • design;
  • development, production and delivery;
  • installation, set-up and putting into operation;
  • repairs and servicing.

We use our own inventions as well as those by acclaimed industrial automation companies.

INIUS’s major inventions in industrial automation:


  • Instrumental hardware-software complex KIRAS based on SCADA KIRAS.


AMASCTEC (Automated metering and accounting system for commercial thermal energy consumption) provides commercial accounting of consumed thermal energy based on accurate and operational data and ensures energy supply efficiency and its sustainable use.

AMASCTEC is a system of hardware and software elements that:

  • measures energy gain on an hourly basis and allows proper capturing of the output or turnover of production;
  • stores measurements in a database highly secured against information loss and unauthorized access;
  • protects information from unauthorized access both on the physical and software level (password setting, etc.);
  • performs diagnostic procedures and monitors the system’s hardware and software functioning.


AMASCEEC(Automated metering and accounting system for commercial electrical energy consumption) performs automated accounting of energy output and imparted energy. It provides the necessary accounting information needed to determine values of the accounting indicators for trade transactions and mutual settlements with energy supply organizations.

AMASCEEC provides commercial accounting based on accurate and operational data and allows to improve thermal energy supply efficiency and its sustainable use.

AMASCEEC utilizes metering devices installed on every connection to electric supply network such as current transformers, voltage transformers and electricity meters.

Along with metering devices AMASCEEC includes tools that allow data acquisition, transferring, storage and analysis as well as unified precision time system and operator’s workstation.