INIUS has been working on SCADA KIRAS since 1998. Since then the system has developed into a powerful tool for technological processes automation and is successfully used on more than 100 processing units of various industrial enterprises all across Russia.

SCADA KIRAS provides solutions for:

  • automatic data acquisition, storage, processing and visualization;
  • process control automation;
  • limit values monitoring and alarm automation for various process variables.

KIRAS is designed for complex process control automation, managing and accounting process variables. All the necessary information is visualized at the operator’s workstation. KIRAS can be customized and configured for any given technological process.

Operator workstation

SCADA KIRAS has a duplex structure combining client and server applications which can be run on separate computers:

  • The client application displays visual information (such as parameter values, alarms, etc.), provides interface for process management and control, as well as various service functions (such as printing reports, data backup and more). The functions of the client application may be extended by plug-ins that can be developed independently.
  • The server application deals with hardware, acquires and converts data, as well as controls the technological process. The server’s functions can also be extended by plug-ins in order to interact with specific hardware or to add specific signal processing algorithms. The standard installation package of SCADA KIRAS includes server plug-ins for many measuring devices and controllers.

The system’s script makes it possible to meet the customers’ specific needs and solve various non-standard tasks.