Simulator complex CLASS (SC CLASS)

SC CLASS is a compact simulation complex based on SCLC or SCCA training simulators. It uses the same advanced software, including 3D environment, dynamic models and evaluating system but lacks cumbersome equipment and hardware that are substituted by virtual imitations. That lets us place a SC CLASS simulator on any computer desk or arrange a classroom of several training simulators that can significantly reduce the costs of training.

Operator workplace in SC CLASS configuration

The operator’s workstation includes a personal computer and 4 monitors on a stand (3 to provide a front and side views from the workplace and 1 to visualize the operator’s interface and control panels). Workstations are also equipped with headsets. SC CLASS is fully compatible with other INIUS training complexes allowing operators to work, train and cooperate together in an integrated 3D environment that makes the learning experience more involving and real.

The instructor’s workstation is based on a personal computer equipped with LCD monitors that can display an overview of the 3D environment and video surveillance feed from inside the cab to supervise the training. The instructor is also provided with an interface allowing him/her to work with a virtual map as a train dispatcher and to create various tasks, malfunctions and obstacles for operators to overcome. The instructor’s workstation is also equipped with a headset to talk with operators.

SC CLASS performs the following tasks:

  • initial training and acquiring basic control skills;
  • getting familiarized with controls and equipment placing;
  • studying new routes and destinations;
  • practicing of interactions with locomotive crew members, dispatchers and level crossing attendants;
  • practicing radio communication skills;
  • interactive study of locomotive systems (electrical circuits, diesel, pneumatic system, etc.) using a virtual interactive engine room explorer;
  • certification and competence assessment.

The following training complexes can be supplied as SC CLASS: